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SH200 Miniature Circuit Breaker Resin Type
Uncompromising safety and comfortSH200 Miniature Circuit Breaker Resin Type protect installations against overload and short-circuit.●Applications: buildings, both residential and commercial;●Standard: IEC/EN 60898-1;●Icn=3.0kA/4.5kA/6.0kA;●Warranting rel
SH200 Interruptor
A range designed to ensure efficiency and protectionSH200 interruptor complies to IEC/EN 60898 and IEC/EN 60947-2 standards, allowing the usage for domestic, industrial and commercial applications from short circuit and overload:●Typical breaking capaciti
SH200 Differentiel
Uncompromising safety and comfortSH200 Differentiel offers a compact solution for protection requirements, is DIN rail mounted with the following features:●Available with application-specific trip characteristics t provice maximum current protection;●The
SH200 Disjoncteur
Uncompromising safety and comfortSH200 disjoncteur can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications for protection against overload and short circuit with following enhancements:●Laser printing: it ensures a clean typeface with high contras
SH200 Miniature Circuit Breaker Thermoplastic Type
Uncompromising safety and comfortSH200 Miniature Circuit Breaker Thermoplastic Type protects installations against overload and short circuit, warrating reliability and safety for operations:●According to IEC/EN60898-1;●Up to 6kA breaking capacity;●For do
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